Disposable PoD System

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PoDs System: (PoDs is a Personal Oil Device). Why is this important? 

If you are like us, you’ve experienced stepping into a space, I.e. Office, store, room where a diffuser is in the works, maybe you like the essence, maybe you don’t. Our lab engineers training has taught them that room diffusers, although great in your personal setting, can be off putting to other individuals who may not like the scent, or could possibly have a reaction. Plus, you don’t really know what the quality of oils are being used. 

These personal inhalers offer you the opportunity to select your essence for your intention.  You are not ‘invading’ anyone else’s comfort, you can easily use different inhalers for your different intentions, and they fit nicely into your pocket, purse, backpack etc. You can choose your essence by looking through the disposable inhalers that we offer or the "Dram" descriptions for the refillable metal inhalers.

We also offer disposable and refillable PoDS. Each should last about 8 weeks. The refillable metal inhalers have a small glass vessel in which the cotton wick and the oil blend goes. Please wash and sanitize in between ‘oil changes’. Should you wish a refill, we offer a ‘Dram’ of a variety of essence blends and replacement cotton wicks.

Each ‘Dram’ will refill your metal inhaler 2x at 15 drops each.

Why in Inhalation the best and safest way for aromatherapy:

Inhalation is an organic way to create positive habits with aromatherapy. A fast, organic, reliable, and safe way to utilize the benefits of essential oils. Our PoD™ is a personal and passive aromatherapy inhaler that utilizes the benefits of plants without electronics, vapour or smoke. Simply place your Pod to the base of your nostril, inhale from the PoD™ vent, and exhale out of your mouth to receive the benefits of plants directly to your olfactory system. Do both nostrils for full benefit and do 2-3 times per usage.

 Alternatively, place the PoD to your mouth and inhale followed by exhaling from your nose. 

Your chosen essence will allow you to receive the benefits of the plants directly into your olfactory system leading to your respiratory system which finally leads to your central nervous system. Inhaled essential oils come in direct contact with nasal passages, sinuses, trachea, and lungs having a direct effect on infection, congestion. Once it gets to the Central Nervous System some essences can create a feeling of calmness and peace.

 Route of Absorption is via Inhalation

Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!) Additionally, inhaled essential oils come in direct contact with nasal passages, sinuses, trachea, and lungs. Physical contact between the essential oil and the internal structures of the respiratory system creates many benefits:

  1. Inhaling essential oils can treat respiratory conditions such as colds, the flu, sore throat, sinus congestion, environmental allergies, etc.

  2. The respiratory system is frequently a “first avenue” of infection. Inhaling essential oils can help prevent respiratory infections.

  3. Essential oils can cross into the bloodstream from the lungs. This is a quick way to deliver essential oils to the whole internal system of the body via the blood.

Crossing the mucous membrane

The internal lining of the respiratory system is a mucous membrane. Mucous membranes are thinner than external skin, therefore essential oil can cross the lining more quickly. This membrane is also more delicate than the skin, so more care needs to be taken when choosing oils for inhalation than for applying to the skin. To get a quick sense of the difference, feel the internal lining of your cheek. Go ahead, stick your finger in your mouth and feel around! Compare the texture of this mucous membrane to the skin on your forearm. Now you have a clear sense of the different textures and sensitivities between the skin (an external covering) and mucous membranes (internal coverings).

One side of the mucous membrane faces the internal cavities—the mouth, nasal passages, sinuses, trachea, alveoli of the lungs, etc. Mucous membranes line just about all of the internal organs of the body, including the stomach, small and large intestine, and urinary bladder. On the other side of the mucous membrane are millions of capillaries, just waiting to pick up nutrients that “seep” through the membrane. Because of the rich bed of capillaries and thinness of the membrane, essential oil constituents picked up by the mucous membrane via inhalation are quickly absorbed into the blood. From these capillaries, the constituents can travel throughout the body with blood.

Benefits of inhalation

  1. Very quick absorption into the bloodstream.

  2. Direct effect on an infection within the respiratory system.

  3. Direct effect on congestion within the respiratory system.

  4. Direct effect on the central nervous system. 


**Please check our disposable inhalers too! This is a great way to try various blends to determine your favorite for our refillable PoD system.