PoD System

Our Pods System

 (PoDs is a Personal Oil Device). Why is this important? 

If you are like us, you’ve experienced stepping into a space, i.e. office, store, room where a diffuser is in the works, maybe you like the essence, maybe you don’t. Room diffusers, although great in your personal setting can be off putting to other individuals who may not like the scent, or could possibly have a reaction. Plus, you don’t really know what the quality of oils are being used. A Pod allows you to have your personal diffuser without interfering with other's senses.


Another important note is that quality essential oils all have multiple benefits to our health. So, while you may be choosing an inhaler to calm you, likely one or more of those oils are also ‘anti-bacterial’ and many other qualities I have not listed. 

These personal inhalers offer you the opportunity to select your essence for your intention.  You are not ‘invading’ anyone else’s comfort, you can easily use different inhalers for your different intentions, and they fit nicely into your pocket, purse, backpack etc. You can choose your essence by looking through the disposable inhalers that we offer or the "Dram" descriptions for the refillable metal inhalers. 

We offer disposable and refillable Pods. Each should last about 8 weeks. The refillable metal inhalers have a small glass vessel in which the cotton wick and the oil blend goes. Please wash and sanitize in between ‘oil changes’. Should you wish a refill, we offer a ‘Dram’ of a variety of essence blends and  replacement cotton wicks. Each ‘Dram’ will refill your metal inhaler 2x at 15 drops each.
I will be adding new essences for new intentions as there are unlimited essence combinations that can be made. You will love treating your olfactory system to the PoDs!

Please check our disposable inhalers too! This is a great way to try various blends to determine your favorite for our refillable PoD system.