• 100% Organic Self Care

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Who Are We

I use this daily on my one softball knee and I am now climbing 5 flights of stairs to my office with no pain...


I have had lower back issues for years, since falling off a horse. Since using FlowerPower anti inflamatory balm, I havent felt the pain. This is a game changer!

Yaceli W.

I am singing your Praises! I used your soft scrub on my car carpet which had an accident with lasagna and many go arounds with mulch, compost, and plants. It looks beautiful!! THIS NEEDS TO BE MARKETED!!


Using the PoD system has given me a sense of security in these days of virus. I inhale the organic oil prior to interacting with large groups of people or travel on a plane; and I have YET to get sick...


If you hate bug bites, then you HAVE to use Bye Bye Bug Lotion. It works better than anything you can buy at the store. I never venture out of the yard without putting this on first!! AMAZING!!


100% Organic & Ethically Sourced

Our variety of Small Batch Oils, Herbal Infusion Oils, and Goods that are 100% Organic and Ethically Sourced.

Ethically Sourced Oils

Have Fun with Us!

Flower Power Lab Offers In Person Consultation, Parties, and Classes! Learn from our licensed experts to create your own Custom Tinctures and Oil Blends.

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