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Flower Power Labs specialty developed Kitchen and Bath Scrubbies give you the power of a surface scrub free of harmful chemical smells and residue. These Kitchen and Bath Scrubbies gain its tough scrubbing power from organic small batch essential oils, handmade in our labs in Bonita Springs, FL, and baking soda that gently absorbs odors.  Sodium percarbonate releases oxygen when combined with water, providing a powerful boost of cleaning power against tough stains; and Flower Power Lab's specialized E/O blend. 


  • Chlorine-free all-purpose cleaner safe for a myriad of surfaces.

  • Easily cleans cookware, stove cooktops, countertops, tile, grout, bathtubs, faucets, toilets, backsplashes, barbecue grills, outdoor patio furniture, and exteriors.

  • Removes grease, dirt, grime, residue, and tough stains without harsh chemical smells or residue

  • Formulated without harmful chemicals, synthetic surfactants, phosphates, synthetic perfumes or dyes, gluten-containing ingredients, or artificial fragrances

  • 100% Organic and plant derived



Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Vinegar, Castille Soap, Tea Tree (Meleleuca alternifolia), Peppermint (Mentha x piperita), Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)